The "visitReport"-section determines all export-settings regarding the snapADDY VisitReport. An empty visitReport looks like this (Notice the "*"):

"visitReport": {
    "mappings": {
        "*": {}
    "workflows": {
        "*": {}
    "components": {
        "*": {}

This is a list of the available variables used in the VisitReport mapping.

  • QUESTIONID = questionMappingId
  • OPTIONID = questionOptionMappingId

You can create multiple mappings for different templates by exchanging the "*", which is a variable for "applies to all templates", with the MappingId of the desired template

The MappingIds, aswell as the QuestionId can be found using the Mapping Helper

Variable Behaviour
_answers['QUESTIONID'] The answer of the referenced
visitreport.title The title of the visitreport
visitreport.campaignId The campaign ID entered in the template settings
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].question Question title in current DataQuality / export language
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].title Defined option label in current DataQuality / export language
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].text User input, in case of multiple input options (;-delimited)
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].data Values set for each selected questionOption (only used in select + multiselect) or if no Value is set the User Input (;-delimited)
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].value Values for each selected questionOption (;-delimited)
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'] More detailed information about the selected/answered options
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'].title Defined option label in current DataQuality/export language
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'].text null if not filled/selected else User input for specific option (useful for multiple input options)
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'].data null if not filled/selected else userinput or value or label
visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'].value null if not filled/selected else questionoption.value