snapADDY Mapping characteristics

The mapping document is one single file. It is written in JSON syntax. This mapping file can be created, deleted and edited in the snapADDY dashboard.

Some general points on working with the mapping document:

JSON, as well as all the snapADDY Keywords are case sensitive. The use of double quotes for displaying strings is forbidden, since this is part of the syntax. Use single quotes instead API Keywords must not include white spaces. Use '_' if necessary Keeping a clean layout is recommended. Utilize the format button on the online configurator or switch to an external editor. After making any changes to the mapping document, the current revision must be updated, saved and activated for testing. Also you need to reload the DataQuality window, so that it can use the newest revision.

An empty snapADDY mapping document looks like this:

  "$schema": "",
  "integrations": {

This creates a valid JSON schema for the mapping. Next an integration has to be selected under the integrations node. Some editors an IDEs also support autocompletion. A recommended editor for this purpose is VSCode