This is a list of the available variables used in the VisitReport mapping.

Variable Behaviour
{{ _answers['QUESTIONID'] }} The answer of the referenced question (How to get IDs)
{{ visitreport.title }} The title of the template
{{ created }} Timestamp when the report was created. Form is like this: 2018-09-03T08:57:26.000Z
{{ visitreport.campaignId }} The campaign ID entered in the template settings
{{ visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].question }} The title of the referenced question
{{ visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].data }} The mapped value of the answer of the referenced question or the title of the answer if no value is mapped. Same behaviour as _answers['QUESTIONID']
{{ visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].value }} Values for each selected questionOption (;-delimited)
{{ visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].text}} The label of the answer of the referenced question
{{ visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'].title }} Defined option label in current grabber / export language
{{ visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'].text }} User input for specific option or null if not selected/filled
{{ visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'].data }} User input / value if available, else value. Null if not selected/filled
{{ visitreport.result['QUESTIONID'].options['OPTIONID'].value }} Value of the option, null if not selected/filled